The required documents vary from country to country but all documents are required to meet the formalities of the Government of Nepal.


Addressed to M/S. Sara Khas Human Resource (P.) Ltd. mentioning numbers of workers/ personnel required in each category with monthly salaries, period of contract, duty hours, food, accommodation, medical facilities, insurance, air passage and other perks, benefits and facilities to the workers/ personnel.


Authorizing M/S. Sara Khas Human Resource (P.) Ltd., to recruit Nepalese manpower and all necessary processes including meeting all necessary formalities as regards to procuring, arranging interviews, trade test, sign all necessary documents and employment contracts required by the laws of the government of Nepal, to arrange for passports, visa endorsement from the respective embassies and make arrangements for the workers/ personnel passage to the country of employment.


Addressed to the Consulate General of the concerned Embassies, intimating them that M/S. Sara Khas Human Resource (P.) Ltd. is the appointed and bonafide manpower recruiting agent in Nepal fully authorized to deal with all visa matters, submission and delivery, with the said Embassy, mentioning the visa number and day of issue, etc. in the letter.


Inter-Party Agreement between employer and M/S. Sara Khas Human Resource (P.) Ltd. Employment Agreement Addressed to M/S. Sara Khas Human Resource (P.) Ltd., should execute an employment Agreement between themselves stating fully and precisely the terms and conditions regarding demand and supply of manpower from Nepal. This Agreement must be signed by both parties towards acceptance of stated terms to execute the recruitment procedure.


Guarantee on behalf of the employer company stating that the workers/ personnel will be working in the employing country only. This letter must be attested by the Embassy of Nepal of the destination country.

Note: The Demand Letter/ Power of Attorney must be duly endorsed by the Ministry of foreign Affairs and Chamber of Commerce and finally attested by the Nepalese embassy existing in the country of employment and Letter of Authority/ Inter-Party Agreement/ Employment Agreement/ Guarantee Letter must be attested by the Nepalese Embassy.