Medical Check-up

Selected candidates are sent to an authorized clinic or hospital for a full medical examination. Only candidates declared physically and medically fit for employment are eligible to sign the employment contract.

Trade Test

Practical trade test will be conducted at a technical training institute for those with technical skills. If the employing company desires to choose candidates by oral interview and practical tests, the Trade test will be conducted at office where our selection committee oversees and analysis the candidates on behalf of the clients in technical aspects to their related field of technicality.


Prior to departure of selected candidates, an orientation briefing is organized by b to impart knowledge of the company’s philosophy, the country’s labor policies, law and order status and immigration procedures so that the employees are fully aware and understand the conditions prevailing there so that they do not feel alienated and are in and easy frame of mind to start work with full enthusiasm.

The Orientation takes special care in briefing them to strictly abide by the guidelines of the employing company and country and direct them to maintain good behavior and work ethics and motivate them to disperse their duties and responsibilities faithfully and honestly.

Traveling Arrangements

As a policy of b, we send all passports and visa endorsement copies to thee concerned airlines and confirm the scheduled flight from Nepal to the destination airport. PTA may be sent to the concerned airlines from Kathmandu under intimation.